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Speed Tufting Tool


Rug Crafters Speed Tufting Tool Set

The tool stitches yarn into a fabric backing, producing loops on the other side. It automatically "walks" along and controls the length of each loop. You pre-select the desired loop length, operate the tool, and guide it to fill in the pattern. Loops from 3/8" to 1" are possible. The Tool Set comes boxed and includes a threader-screwdriver (for changing loop heights) a container of lubricant, a see through tufting gauge (used to achieve error free tufting) and an instruction booklet.

Also available:

Starter Frame Starter Frame:
A tabletop frame that adjusts to fit patterns as large as 2' x 3'. Larger rugs can be moved for completion. Comes with hardware and easy to assemble directions.
is applied to the back side of a "Speed Tufted" rug to lock the stitches in place. One quart covers approximately 12 square feet.


"The Art of Speed Tufting"
A comprehensive guide to making your tufted rug or wall hanging from start to finish, Everything you need to know about the process.
# 88102

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